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Church Renew PLUS™ Bidet Cleansing Spa™ Round Toilet Seat in White with iLumalight®, Easy•Clean & Change®, Whisper•Close®, Precision Seat Fit™ Adjustable Hinge and Super Grip Bumpers™

  • Closed or Open Front: Closed Front
  • Material: Plastic
  • Hinge Material: Plastic
  • Bumpers: 4

The Renew PLUS™ Bidet Cleansing Spa provides the cleansing benefits of a bidet, plus premium features like continuous heated water and a warm air dryer, without the need for a standalone fixture. Renew PLUS installs easily on your toilet and utilizes your existing water line.


The warm aerated wash adjusts the water temperature and pressure
Adjustable Aerated Washes
A hybrid heating system provides for on-demand warm water supply
Continuous Heated Water
A stylish, lower profile seat with a 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle
3-in-1 Stainless Steel Nozzle
Pulsate & Oscillate Wash Functions
Pulsate & Oscillate Wash Functions
Multi-Setting Heated Seat
Multi-Setting Heated Seat
Automatic Deodorizer
Automatic Deodorizer
Quickly and easily remove for cleaning and replacement
Quickly and easily remove your toilet seat for cleaning and replacement with Easy•Clean & Change®.
No slamming or pinched fingers
A slow and soft closing toilet seat with no more slams! The Whisper•Close® hinge prevents pinched fingers and closes slowly to the bowl.
Perfect toilet bowl fit
A perfect fit to your toilet bowl with Precision Seat Fit™. Use the front-to-back adjustability for the desired fit.
Provides greater stability
Feel secure on your toilet seat with Super Grip Bumpers™. The large bumpers prevent seat shifting and provide greater stability.


Installation Guide

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